Make Informed Decisions

Save your life and the lives of others!

SafeWay is a reliable, single-use, breath alcohol tester that provides convenient, non-invasive alcohol screening at workplace, at home or anywhere you go.

About Safe-Way

The most accurate and affordable alcohol legal limit test.

Safe-Way is a compact, disposable chemical test that provides accurate and reliable detection of alcohol from a subject’s breath at an affordable price. The low cost and ease of use make the Safe-Way testers an ideal screening tool for alcohol. The single use feature provides a safeguard against contamination and unsanitary mouthpieces. This makes it a great choice for use with the Armed Forces, schools, police check points, prison populations, and employee alcohol screening.

How does it work?

Safe-Way detects alcohol through a special chemical reaction that induces a colorimetric change. In order to perform a test, simply break the ampoule containing the BreathScan crystals and blow into the unit. If the crystals change color, then alcohol is present in the subject’s breath.

Why test for alcohol impairment?

  • Save your life and the lives of others!
  • Avoid costly DUIs
  • Ensure safe drinking practices
  • Promotional safety tool
  • Results are instant
  • Know your limit
  • Control drinking habits